The Birds (A Different Take)

Friday Fictioneers grey-day-with-pigeons-roger-bultot (1)

He slowly gets out of bed; not wanting to face the coming day.  Looking out of his window, he sees the outside reflecting his mood.  He notices the birds, sitting on the wire, huddled together against the damp.  Suddenly, they all take flight; they appear to be heading for his building!  The birds wheel about and head downward.  It is then, that he notices the little man, dressed in a brown robe.  The birds land all around the little man.  He blesses them, and they all take off; filling the air with their birdsong.  Staring out his window, he smiles.


11 thoughts on “The Birds (A Different Take)

  1. Deafness would be a curse for it is great to be able hear bird song, and it was great to read your take on this weeks prompt. Mike


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