And Jesus Wept

Memorial Orlando ShootingsThe tragedy in Orlando FL has shaken the country.  Yet, there are those who say the people, the victims, who attended the nightclub; got what they deserved.

Whether you accept their lifestyle or not; these were human beings, created by God.  And Jesus wept.

There are politicians who cry out for banning Muslims from our shores.  The majority here are hard-working, and law-abiding.  Those who wish come here; are seeking refuge from violence.

They wish only to exercise the rights that are the foundation of this country; “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  But some of us want to turn them into objects of fear.  They are human beings, created by God.  And Jesus weeps.

And Jesus wept

One thought on “And Jesus Wept

  1. What a profound and helpful look at this situation. We are not to judge but to pray. Jesus indeed weeps over this fallen and broken world. We should and…….. sometimes this is not easy pray for this world from the perspective of Heaven and then and only then can we see as God does. Christ died for ALL. (particularly the marginalised and degenerate). His the judgment – His the Salvation, Ours the privilege to be burden sharers in a broken society. Brother, I sincerely thank you for your post.


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