Late Weekend Coffee 8/15/16

Over an glass of iced coffee, I would tell you this posting is late because my laptop crashed; the desktop is in an room with no air conditioning, and it has just been too hot!

Over a glass of iced coffee, I would tell you I am concerned about this year in our country.  I do not think I have seen so much vitriol coming from major presidential candidates.  I mean, since the founding of the Republic, there have political campaigns have been over the top in language and made up accusations.  But for the most part, the candidates themselves remained above it.  Now, not so much!  This campaign year has the potential to strain the democratic process of this country.

Over a glass of iced coffee, I would mention that my wife and I spent some time last night walking around a local park here in Beverly, MA.  It is called Lynch Park and it is on the waterfront. It was a chance to enjoy some time outside and try to enjoy some cool sea breezes (not so much)!

Stay cool.


One thought on “Late Weekend Coffee 8/15/16

  1. Thank you sincerely for this break and time of coffee and sharing. The Photographs are beautiful and what is needed so much in this troubled world. May we with our lives and attitudes be Game Changers and living our lives on a ‘Higher Level” in the Grace and enabling of Christ. We can choose to live life where the fruits of the Spirit are manifested in all our attitudes. Love, Joy, Peace, Hope, Kindness, self-control, Truth, . May Grace and holiness ever be your Calling and your witness to the world. Thank you again for the blog.


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