Weekend Coffee Share -10/23/2016

deacon coffee mugOver a cup of decaf (ugh!) coffee, I will let you know that I have some worries over this upcoming Election Day, and it’s aftermath.  Donald Trump’s statement at a rally that he will accept the election results as legitimate, only if he wins; really concerns me.  Now, he has tried to tone that statement down; saying he is only keeping possible legal challenges open; but his followers are already convinced the election process is rigged.  And there is a very angry electorate out there, on both sides.  And we have seen how easy it is for protests to get violent.

Our national elections, with its smooth transfer of power, has been an inspiration to the rest of the world.  And many experts, Democratic and Republican, have spoken out about how hard it is to actually rig a national election.  There is no central control, but each state has its own election organizers and governing boards.  It is hoped that some of these facts filter through to the Trump followers.

This may be, on many fronts, the most challenging election the nation has faced, since the time of Lincoln.  But what gives me hope; what keeps me on a more or less even keel, is this phrase from a psalm I remember: “Why are you downcast, my soul? Why groan within me?  Trust in God, I will praise him still; my Savior and my God.”  Whether things go well, or go bad, I trust that God will be with me: with all of us.  And with his help, as one nation, we will see things through.

The cup is empty, I am ready for bed.  See you all next week, over a cup of coffee.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share -10/23/2016

  1. Thank you. I may have to add a splash of cream into my decaf coffee. Hope that’s ok? I agree with your post. Because faith takes us to the Higher Sovereignty of God we have to keep our own hearts from despair at the dealings on this earth of the political pressures in the nations.. Without compromise we must live, also pray above the swirling maelstrom. One day the Kingdom and all the nations will come under His Divine Authority. Until then we must live IN this place with His Grace holding us somehow spiritually ‘above’. From His Perspective all things make sense. Peace and Grace.


  2. been reading snippets about your election and the candidates. what is bothersome is how rabid some followers can get. in the Philippines, it is almost an equivalent scenario during election time.


  3. Hello! Was wondering how you were, then found your new blog. I’m totally with you about this election cycle. I’ll be happy when it’s over and my stomach isn’t trying to digest itself. No matter what happens, it’s taught me to keep an eye out for those who can’t “pass” as a certain demographic. They’re feeling far less safe than I am, and have far more to lose.


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