Sharing A Franciscan Friar’s Reflection On The Global Community

Secular Franciscan OrderThe following link is to a blog post written by Father Thomas O’Shea, OFM.  He is a friar of Holy Name Province, OFM.  For a while, he was stationed at Saint Anthony Shrine, in downtown Boston.  One of his duties was to be a Spiritual Assistant to my Secular Franciscan fraternity, where he contributed to our newsletter on a monthly basis.  He continues write for the Provincial web site:


One thought on “Sharing A Franciscan Friar’s Reflection On The Global Community

  1. Thank you sincerely for this blog. It expresses right where I am spiritually as this year unfolds. I have to take my place in the Purposes of God not lacking in passion etc but I am unable to be DOING. Being in His Presence and in daily journeys and from the perspective of writing etc knowing I am not lacking but still fulfilling His Purposes as He Leads and Guides.

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