Thoughts I had walking to the train station.

Blog 0629If you build walls, physical, ideological, monetary; you can lose empathy for those on the other side. When you build gated communities, physically or by zoning, you can lose empathy for those who cannot get in. When you build a wall of social media around yourself, that only gives you what you want to see, hear and read; you might lose empathy for those who might have a different opinion.

A lack of empathy, can lead to lack of respect for the other as a human person. Lack of respect can lead to an unwillingness to discuss, debate, and perhaps find understanding, and common ground. An unwillingness to at least talk, can lead to anger and hatred.

We are approaching the anniversary of the birth of the republic, yet there are some who are talking about a second Civil War brewing. In respect for those who who sacrificed their fortunes, their lives for the concept of “We, the People of these United States,” we need to find the courage to break down these walls; reach out and shake the hand of our fellow citizens.

May the God, who broke down the walls of Jericho, help us break down the walls we have built around us.  May the Father who broke open the tomb of Jesus Christ on Easter morn,  break open our hearts to the needs of others.  May he help us reach out to others, and recognize that we are all brothers and sisters, with the same Father.

May God bless, and inspire the people of these United States of America!

One thought on “Walls

  1. I join with you in heartfelt prayer. May the United States truly return to the ideals and Christian values that made it a GREAT NATION. The One which inspired others. Biblical TRUTH in all areas of life. a-men.

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