The Long Drought

My New ComputerIt has been several months, since last my fingers touched a keyboard for this blog. Now that I have something to say, my laptop will not load the WordPress page for it. So I am using my IPhone, and my thumbs this morning.

It is safe to say that current news involving the clergy sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church is beginning to wear me down. Living in the Boston area, the so called epicenter of the crisis, I have struggled to be both a faithful Catholic, and a supporter of accountability. I, perhaps foolishly, thought that, at least in Boston, we had begun to turn a corner and begin to rebuild the community.

Then came the report of the Pennsylvania grand jury, and other reports from other cities, states, and overseas. The amount of news of the inability of the Pope and bishops to get a handle on the situation was another blow to my “spiritual” gut.

Perhaps the among the things that has kept me from drowning in a sea of depression has been my interest in Church history. I am well acquainted with both the glorious and inglorious moments in the life of the Church. We are a world-wide community of both saints, great and small; and sinners. Many of us are to a lesser or greater degree, both. And there have been dark, indeed, some very dark moments, that the Church has risen up from and shined.

Another saving factor has been my prayer experiences. Moments when the Holy Spirit breaks through my shell of indifference and depression; and the Light of the World blazes forth within! There are moments when I am joined with others in worship, when the Presence of Christ is felt deep within me.

There will more dark moments in the life of the Church that will be revealed. We need to be open to those moments, move through the pain, sense of betrayal, and doubt. As we seek healing for ourselves; we need to be healers and reconcilers for others.

We need to hold on to that faith, and believe in the promise Jesus Christ made to the first disciples, and to us, that the powers of Hell will not prevail against His Church!

Enders Island Chapel

2 thoughts on “The Long Drought

  1. Yes indeed Brother the powers of hell will not prevail again the Church of the living God. His Church is the people and throughout all the times since Christ died upon the Cross His desire is that ALL BE SAVED. This is the mission we must all live and be prepared to die for. Faithful to our denominations where possible but ever faithful to the CHRIST who is HEAD of the Church. All must in 2019 find that sins and that’s what they were, are and forever will be must be dealt with at the Cross. Because God has called you to be who in Christ you are in that dimension your VOICE, your ministry to the lost must ever, ever be……..At the CROSS…..repent, repent let the redemptive Blood of Christ wash you white as snow. Then sin no more. Heart searing and honest REPENTENCE at the Cross is and can be FORIGIVEN by Christ be you Pope, Priest or sinful carnal anyone. People who are being extreme and nasty about the Catholic Church should all take note of their own SINS. The only hope for the 2019 church world is that all return to their knees before the blood soaked cross. Julian of Norwich once said…….It was gazing at the blood pouring forth that I truly understood what Perfect LOVE and REDEMPTION was all about.
    Thank you for your blog. I am so happy to see you. Be at PEACE BROTHER. Across this world millions in heartache are seeing Kingdom rising from what looks like ashes. Be faithful to HIM. Faithful to your unique Calling and keep on writing. Keep on being a Shepherd.
    Blessings and Love.


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