Review of “Christ in Crisis” by Jim Wallis.

In the times we are in currently, all Christians need to read this. Those that do, may not agree, may even strongly disagree with Mr. Wallis; but his words may cause serious thought. Some of the serious questions it raised for me was, how closely do we ally ourselves to a particular government, a particular party? And will that alliance water down the Gospel message? We are challenged to reconsider what it means to be a practicing Christian in today’s world. I have doubts about my own strength, knowledge and faith! It calls for deep reflection and above all prayer.

One thought on “Review of “Christ in Crisis” by Jim Wallis.

  1. Thank you. I will try and get hold of this Jim Wallis book. I have heard there is some insightful and challenging truths in there. I know personally these are the days to STAND upon THE ROCK Christ ,,,,,,,He alone is the unchanging in a world of wrong directions being pointed to. Stand as the Man of GOD you were born to be.


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