My Review of The Life of Meaning for Goodreads

Abernathy bookFor many years, one of my Sunday morning pleasures was to watch PBS’s Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly. The program was hosted by former NBC Correspondent, Bob Abernathy, and dealt with issues of religion and ethics in the world. Sadly, after many years, the show was cancelled.

Before the program ended, Mr. Abernathy, along with author William Bole, produced the book, “The Life of Meaning.” It is a collection of, what I would call essays, based of numerous interviews. It covers topics of faith, belief, and life. Many of the chapters have inspired me; and caused me think long and hard on the role of religion in my life, and the life of the world.




Book Review – Catholic Spiritual Practices, A Treasury of Old & New

Catholic Spirituality: A Treasury of Prayers and PracticesCatholic Spirituality: A Treasury of Prayers and Practices by Colleen M. Griffith

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For the Catholic who wishes to update his/her knowledge of the Catholic Spiritual life, this is a very good primer. It talks about the traditional Catholic devotions and practices, but with a modern tone. Some of the devotions of my youth, that I abandoned as I have grown older; I now find myself wishing to engage in again. I hope others will have the same experience.