Easter Morning

Jesus Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed!!

We all awake with the hope that only comes from our Risen Lord! Now some of us may be experiencing hard times; some may be experiencing normal times! Some may be feeling down; some struggling. Some of us are feeling unsure of the moment; or of the future.

Today, though, the Church cries out; that In Jesus Christ there is hope. In letting Christ in, there is peace, there is hope!

Let us open wide our hearts, and let in the King of Glory!!

Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (All Souls’ Day) – 2016

Yesterday, the Church honored the memory of the unnamed saints in heaven.  Today, we remember all those who have died; family members, friends and acquaintances; and we pray that they are in the embrace of our Father’s loving arms.  

We Catholics hope that those who die, will quickly go to heaven.  However, we also believe that before many of us reach that blessed home; we need a time of purification; a cleansing of the stains of past sins.  The Church believes that this purification take place in a place called “Purgatory.”  Whether it is an actual place, or a state of being; it is still a place of longing for God; of preparation to finally encounter him, in all his glory. 

We, who are among the living, pray for these souls, that their time of purification will be short.  And we hope that, when it is our turn; our family and friends, both on earth and in heaven will pray for us; that we will all be in the indescribable joy and glory of the Presence of God.