An Oasis in the Middle of a Concrete Canyon!

(The following post is one of my writing assignments for Blogging Univ.  Please enjoy!)

PO Sq ParkI was in Boston to attend a board meeting of the Massachusetts Bible Society.  I was way too early, so I
went to a green oasis in the middle of the Financial District.  It is known to most of the workers as the park in Post Office Square, its official title is the Norman B. Leventhal Park.  It was not always a park.  In the past, it was a rundown parking garage, four stories above the street level, with levels of parking below.  A group of public and private leaders gathered the funds needed to tear down the garage, renovate the parking levels below, and create a botanical wonder amidst a concrete jungle.

I went to the local café, paid way too much for an 8 oz. cup of coffee.  I sat on the iron bars bench that weaves it way around one side of the park.  The calendar may say it is spring, but the air temperature did not feel it.  As I sat sipping my coffee, I watched people walking through; some dressed in business causal, others in business suits.  I observed who were wearing dress shoes, and who were wearing sneakers.  People sat at iron wrought tables, either having lunch, or a power lunch, with papers and files underneath their plates.  Some couples sat on wooden benches, cuddling and smooching.  As people passed by, I heard financial words, legal terms, and just office gossip.  Where they were not gathering was on the grassy center of the park.  It was roped off, to allow the new grass to grow and take hold.  The trees were beginning to bud; some were wrapped in a muslin liked material, which to this person looked very odd.  My eyes looked up further, at the tall buildings that surround this park.  Buildings made of marble, concrete, and glass; each containing either business offices, or hotel rooms, or government agencies.

It is in the afternoon, yet the downtown traffic is very light.  The sounds of a city at work were not too intrusive on the quiet of the park.  I really do miss it here!  I got up from my seat, threw my empty cup into the trash, and headed back downtown.  I was going back into the bustle, and the noise, to grab a subway trolley to my next destination.

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