A Franciscan Connection?


In a recent post in the Italian newspaper, “LaStampa,” Vatican Insider weblog, there is a report that the late David Bowie expressed a wish to build a house near Assisi.  He felt something very spiritual in the city of St. Francis.

2 thoughts on “A Franciscan Connection?

  1. My prayer if indeed I was praying one, would be that David Bowie did seek for a ‘Higher’ purpose in his life. Looking to St. Francis or even seeking to live at Assisi would indicate this (perhaps I should pray he found the answer. .So much of his life and music appeared to be narcissistic. (No concept of a HIGHER ONE)…Self focus! I am of the generation where we do see much in his life’s work that encourages etc but often we had to deal with ‘fall out’ as young impressionable ones driven by the pseudo colour of his music encouraged them to look into the dark side (ie occult, witchcraft etc…face it…. explore it live it). Less strong young ones impressionable did not get out of that place. I’m sad to say I still have to ask the question from ‘where’ did He get His creativity and gifts?. There is God… There is the counterfeiter. Beauty and holiness! ?
    I do not believe there is a diving line or blurred concepts. Only God KNOW. I must simply pray. Thanks for blog comment.


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