Quick Reflection on the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time

I am with my wife on Cape Cod visiting her parents.  Attended Sunday Mass.  The Gospel tells the story of Wedding Feast at Cana.  The changing of water into wine was only witnessed by the servants, Jesus’ mother, and his disciples.  It was his first miracle, and it was the beginning of his public ministry; his proclamation, by word and deed of the Good News!

By virtue of our Baptism, we share in Christ’s mission to proclaim the Good News.  We each have a role, as the Holy Spirit gives us the grace; we need but to discern the way we are to go.  Then have the courage to go forward.

One thought on “Quick Reflection on the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time

  1. On Sunday as we came to this first miracle of Jesus I was reminded of miracles hence my question on my blog this am. Our God is a God of the miraculous and belief in Jesus Christ is only the beginning. The Holy Spirit indeed enlightens our minds to all the wonders found only in HIM. Every life committed to HIM must flow to fulfill His Purposes. Thank you for your blog.


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