Second Cup – Weekend Coffee Share

deacon coffee mugIf we were having a second cup of coffee, I would tell about this Sunday being an important day in the life of the Catholic Church.  It is Pentecost Sunday, fifty days after Easter, when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles, Mother Mary, and the other disciples: “Tongues as of fire appeared, which parted and came to rest on each of them.  All were filled with the Holy Spirit.  They began to express themselves in foreign tongues and make bold proclamation as the Spirit prompted them.” (Acts 2:3-4)  We celebrate the day when the Apostles went out and boldly announced to the world the Good News of Jesus Christ.

If we were having a second cup of coffee, I would tell that I am wearing my red Deacon stole; red symbolizing the fire of the Holy Spirit.  It is a fire that is desperately needed in the Church, to awaken slumbering hearts and souls.  It is desperately needed in my own heart and soul.  We need to open ourselves to experience the love, the awesomeness of God.  And we need to rekindle the fire within ourselves; to be able to go out and give witness, by word and deed, to the love of God.

If we were having a second cup of coffee,  I would tell you the story of a Desert Father, whose was approached by one of his followers.  This person had been faithful to living the Gospel, following his rule of life, and engaging in constant prayer to God.  He asked his spiritual father: “What more did he need to do?”  The Desert Father raised his hands to the sky, and his fingers turned to fire, “If you will, you can become all flame” he said.  May all our hearts become aflame with the power of the Holy Spirit; may that fire spread throughout our communities, our nations, our world.

Well, the cup is empty, and the caffeine is wearing off.  See you next weekend over a warm cuppa.

deacon red stole





















One thought on “Second Cup – Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Thank you. I sit with you and partake of this second cup of coffee. Please can we sit awhile like this again. Your posts indeed fulfill and satisfy a part of me who as a Christian believer needs to be gently nurtured. My journey has been one of discovery in a spiritual sense. My dad was Italian Catholic and my mum Presbyterian.(Scottish). Christ was central to our upbringing but I began my own journey to actually find my Truth of Christ (He had to be part of the denominations but BIGGER). Father Tom Forrest – one of the leading Catholic theologians has greatly influenced by life. He is an American . Perhaps you could also look at Catholic Renewal. Pentecost – thank you sincerely for what you wrote. My own journey 2016 confirmed to me absolutely this Pentecost that our extraordinary God….Father, Son and Holy Spirit – Trinity is the FIRE for change in this world. Surrender to HIM…..Not being afraid of the flame. My own life changed FOREVER when I was 35 ….I simply opened up my arms to heaven and cried out ‘Lord I need You in the fullness of Who you are. It was then that the Truth of Cols.1 Verses 26 and 27 came ALIVE. Christ in me……Only by the Spirit is this actually possible. My life did change. But I had a problem because I saw ‘charismatic extremism’ and ‘pentecostal’ fervour. I knew the absolute Truth of Pentecost……… my life and my heart were and still are AFLAME. But, my heart remained ‘catholic’ and the intrinsic holiness of everything folks like you dear, Brother, lives for is sacred and real to me. Deep connection to God through meditation, Prayer and Contemplation remain vital. But yes, indeed the wonderful beautiful glorious sacramental eucharistic Bride of Christ must wake up to show the world the Fullness of our Saviour Lord. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, Julian of Norwich……all of their writings have nurtured and inspired me in the past. I know my journey is ‘ongoing’. HE continues to teach. Thank you again for this cuppa. You have not only revived my body but my soul as well. (apologies that I talked too much!)


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