Coffee Share  11/21/2016

deacon coffee mugGood day!  I usually meet you all on the weekend over a cup of coffee.  However, if we were having a cup right now; I would tell you that yesterday, I jammed the tips of my fingers in a closing door.  My pastor had to rush off to a wake service, after Sunday Mass. I volunteered to check our main doors, to make sure they were locked up tight.  One set of doors did not seem right, so I pushed them open a bit. Still do not remember exactly what happened, but suddenly my left hand fingers were caught in the doors.  There is no serious damage, a little bruising under one nail, and the fingertips are still a little sore.  So it has been a little painful typing yesterday.  Right now, I am using my thumbs on my mobile phone.  Not quite sure this is an improvement.

Over a cup of coffee, I would tell that we had our first snow of the year!  It was only a dusting, but I still had to brush our car off.

Over a cup of coffee, I would share with you my growing anxiety about  this presidential transition.  I have through a dozen presidential elections; and I do not remember it ever being like this.  I have in the past reserved judgment until a new administration was up in running.  But this transition, the opinions of people that they are bringing into government, quite frankly, scare me.

As I write this, I am watching a beautiful sunrise.  I remember a quote from the writings of English mystic, Julian of Norwich: “All will be well, all will be well.”  See you soon over a cup of coffee.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Share  11/21/2016

  1. Yeah, I hear you. I’m scared for my stepsister and her wife and my uncle and his husband. Both live in very “red” areas, and violence is a real issue they both face.

    In the past, I’ve disagreed with presidents, but I haven’t been afraid for people, either.


  2. Personally I find the violence being displayed is not what I have ever expected from the ? leading democracy in the world. Thank you for the coffee. So sorry about your hand and indeed the Hope and Prayer is for a full recovery. Love the Julian of Norwich quote. I have a treasured copy of her book The meaning of love. The lives from the past sometimes reflect so clearly our heart’s yearning in the ‘now’. All will be well! Thank God it is well with all the souls of those who love the Saviour. a-men. Thank you for your blog as always.


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