Questioning The Sign Again!

Once again, Mother Nature has tried to play an “April Fools!” joke on New England.  This time, the joke was a little, compared to the one we received 20 years ago!

Still, I think they should rewrite the message on this sign to read: “Welcome Spring???”

2 thoughts on “Questioning The Sign Again!

  1. WELCOME SPRING! It does stand out when all you can really see is the snow. Like us here April is not at all like April. We are almost coming to the remembrance of Easter, yet we have had searing, Summer temperatures, summer cyclones and weather patterns very unlike our mild Autumn. Folks are even hoping now for Easter holidays that will be again like Summer ones. For the children – even the ones who have a sacred space in their lives…..melted chocolate eggs are a little unusual for Easter Sunday. Blessings and Grace!


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