Tragedy on a Baseball Field

Most of us have heard and seen reports of the tragic shooting of a Republican congressman, and the wounding of others.  This took place on a community ball field, where the congressmen were practicing.  They were getting ready for a traditional ball game between Republican and Democratic members of Congress.  It was to be a friendly game, free of the rancor and spite that seems to have taken hold of the halls on Capital Hill.  The Speaker, addressing a session of the House of Representatives, declared an attack on one member, is an attack on all members of the House.
I would go further, a violent attack against a member of Congress, is also an attack against us all; whom he or she represents.  The superheated rhetoric in our politics today.  The lack of civil discourse and the lack of give and take; threatens the fabric of our civil society.

We Christians need to both go through a conversion of manners and be an example to others.  A conversion because we need to admit that we, in our speech and actions, may have contributed to the heat.  We then must show to others what it means to love one another; recognize the other as brother and sister in Christ.

One thought on “Tragedy on a Baseball Field

  1. Thank you. Your blog is always welcomed and appreciated. The world is full of such violence, intolerance and exploding hatreds. More than ever I believe God is and has Gifted those He wants to use the pen (mightier than the sword) to write about the ‘better way’ and to focus others on what is pure, holy and of good rapport. Beauty and life-giving encouragement coming from our lives and also from what we ‘say’ and ‘what we write’. Those like yourself have a status and an authority your voice and your pen can always proclaim the ‘better Christ-like way’. PEACE – my Meditation book – God inspired the entries – was written and will be published soon with the sole purpose of showing in ordinary lives the TRUTH of what the inner Peace found in the Saviour is all about. Blessings and His Strength to you and those you love. Again thank you for posting.


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