Franciscans Reaching Out!

St. Francis of Assisi, and his fellow friars were different from other religious of their day.  Rather than remain in monasteries, behind walls; they went out into the city streets, marketplaces, and the highways to bring the Good News to all.

Today, Franciscan friars are still exploring new avenues of reaching out to people.  The internet, the Web, and Facebook have become the new electronic highways they travel.

I found this poster on an MBTA Red Line subway car.  I know the friar pictured in it, Brother John “Mags.”  a wonderful friar.  

The Good News of Jesus Christ is being proclaimed in many ways, through many new mediums.  But, bottom line, it is how each one of us lives the Gospel that provides the best evangelization.

3 thoughts on “Franciscans Reaching Out!

  1. What a blessing and encouragement to me it was to see a new post from you this A.M. Yes the Good News about Jesus Christ needs now, more than ever to be promoted in the middle of this world of so much (lack of Peace only HE can give), and rampant ungodliness. Absolutely, I affirm the comment the greatest witness to Him is in our own lives. His Presence with us and in us, the glorious unconquerable power of His Presence revealed by His Spirit coming at Pentecost.. Thank you (your posts are always beautiful and sustaining to my spirit).


  2. St Anthony’s Shrine, definitely has a special place in my heart after all these years. As a single person, living on my own, working and living in the Boston area, I was able to find a community of young professionals like myself, still wanting a spiritual life, and community, with those of the same beliefs. where we could speak our truth and community, through The Young Adults group. It was a lovely time back in the early 80’s Little did I know I was to meet my dear husband, who was affiliated with St Anthony’s who happened to be apart of St Anthony’s through vocation, and involved in different areas of the Arch Street Mission. When I was working in Boston, there was many a day I would stop in for mass before or after work… There seems to much more outreach because of the different needs of our time now.. And that is a wonderful thing. Acts of kindness can be done at anytime, in love and care for our fellow man. For we never know when, we will need to be the receiver of such kindness or outreach too.. Thank You Jonathan…. For reminding us of the love that is still out there. And thank you for being my husband too


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