Ongoing Tragedy!

Even in the best of times, it has been difficult to write and post anything on this blog recently. This is especially true these past days. I may have been like many of my American Catholic brothers and sisters, thinking that we, as a Church, at least in this country, were beginning to climb out of the clergy sex abuse hole.

Then came two gut punches that shook our complacency; the results of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury investigation, and charges of sexual misconduct and harassment at the Archdiocese of Boston seminary. It speaks to a total failure of the hierarchy to act; and to come clean about those failures to act.

It appears also that this is not just an American Catholic problem; that there are other tragedies, in other countries, to be revealed.

It speaks to a need for lay action, for laity to demand independent investigation, accountability and reform. We can no longer be silent, we need to demand that those who accept the role of “shepherd” in a diocese, take the care of their people as primary; and not the pomp and circumstance!

I am writing this on my IPhone, started this morning because I felt compelled to write something about what is happening in the Church. I am finishing it now on a home bound train. I hope to write more about my feelings on this; my fears, anger, distress, and, yes, hope!

One thought on “Ongoing Tragedy!

  1. Thank you Christian Brother for sharing your thoughts, feelings and indeed Hope on this blog site. Please know my heart is 100% in affinity with yours. I have been deeply distressed and disturbed by the ‘ongoing’ seemingly ‘endless’ revelations of failures in Australia by all institutions – not just churches – to adequately care for the vulnerable and innocent in our society. The Catholic Church (in spite of all the pomp and circumstance and ‘stuff’) has always been respected here for the Christ Image of sacrificial service, particularly in our early convict years. The small pockets of EVIL will be eradicated both here and all around the world. It must happen because Jesus Christ will return for a PURE SPOTLESS BRIDE. This one BRIDE will be made up of ALL whose hearts and lives are truly for the SAVIOUR. Millions upon millions of Catholic brothers and sisters will be Holy in His Eyes because of the work and sacrifice of many like the Franciscans through the generations. Oh there is HOPE. A glorious beautiful Church without spot or wrinkle
    but in every institution, it extends to all denominations and children’s home etc. that denies the ABSOLUTE Holiness of God must be purged. It is a shared heartache for those of us who only have cherished memories of past helpers and mentors.


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