Writer’s Block During The Crisis In the Church! Oh Heck!

Writer's blockWe are currently in the most serious times in the recent life of the Catholic Church.  In Rome, in the United States, and other parts of the Catholic world; stories of the cover up of misdeeds of an American Cardinal, involving Pope Francis; the findings of a Pennsylvania grand jury on clergy abuse of children; and reports of sexual misconduct in an Archdiocesan seminary have filled the air ways.  And we now have bishops calling for the resignation of Pope Francis.

And in the midst of all, I cannot yet put fingers to keyword, and write my own reactions, my own reflections on what is happening now!  How does all this negative news affect me?  Because I am, as a deacon, a member of the clergy; although our lives are divided among family, work, and service to the Church.  I am not really that plugged in to the clerical culture.  So how do I react, one foot in Church “culture;” the other in the “real’ world?  I have not quite figured that out yet, so my fingers are still.  For the moment.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block During The Crisis In the Church! Oh Heck!

  1. Dear Brother, As I commented before, my heart, my prayers and my support will always be with all who are deeply troubled and ‘suffering’ within the Church Structure. Christ is grieving too, Yet, in this Kingdom Age He is asking. WHO do you LOVE? Is it really ME and Me Alone with all your heart mind and spirit? Do you love Me above anything that is church? I will deal with the structure you must guard your heart. LOVE ME WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART, MIND AND SPIRIT and YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF. God is absolutely HOLY. It is the time in 2018 for all that is NOT HOLY to be absolutely threshed out. The Bride being prepared wiLL be Holy without spot or wrinkly. It is WRITTEN. Either the Truth in the Word is ABSOLUTE or it is not TRUTH at all. For such a time as this You, dear brother are positioned to be all that GOD has called you to Be so in your life and your living (outside the church struggles). you be that MAN for the Glory of God in your community. It is the TIME! .

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