“Behold the Wood of the Cross!”

Last Friday, I was coming home from work, going down a walkway from the train platform. I just happened to look down and saw on the ground, two sticks in the form of a cross. I do not know if someone put those sticks together to form a cross; or if the sticks fell together that way. What I can tell you is that the sight stopped me in my tracks.

I must confess that my spiritual life has felt a little dull lately. Practices I have done; have fallen by the wayside. Books I have looked to for spiritual nourishment in the past, have remained unopened. Only at Sunday Mass, do I feel the spark ignite! Yet, at the sight of that little cross, I was inspired to begin to pray. It was only for moment, it was a wonderful moment!

I left the cross as it was; I have no idea if it is still there. I hope it is there for someone else to find.

The following prayer is from St. Francis of Assisi; that he is to have prayed before the San Damiano Cross:

Most high, most glorious God, enlighten the darkness of my heart. Grant me a right and a perfect charity, feeling, and understanding of you, so that I may be able to accomplish your holy and just commands. Amen!

One thought on ““Behold the Wood of the Cross!”

  1. Thank you. It has blessed my day to see you have blogged once more. I value what you have to say.
    I personally believe passionately that it is ONLY THROUGH THE CROSS and the shed blood of the Lamb that this world is redeemed. Christ died for ALL. Christ oFFERS, forgiveness for everyone everywhere FOREVER. C.O.F.F.EE. Let’s share again sometime over a cup of coffee. c..Christ, O. Offers, F forgiveness. F for… E …everyone E. Everywhere.
    Whether or not you pray or read books or DO any of the religious things if you know The Saviour has saved your soul AND you choose to Follow the Shepherd and repent at the cross for all your ongoing sins, . Then you are’ born again’ into His Kingdom. He is your Abba Father you are his blood bought child. REJOICE!


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