The First Novitiate – Friday Fictioneers

RivoTorto photo-by-piya-singh-bittercharm-6The farmhand walks through the Italian woods, heading for home.  His body aches from his labors; his heart aches because he will barely feed his family with what he earned today.  In the twilight, he is passing by an abandoned farmhouse, when he hears the sound of chanting, coming from it.  He peers in, and sees a group of men, dressed in brown robes, kneeling on the dirt floor.  They circle a little thin man, who is leading them in prayer.  The farmhand sees a glow of light emanating from him, touching the others, touching him.  He experiences great peace.





NB:  After Francis of Assisi won provisional papal approval for his rule of life; he and his small group of brothers went down to a small Italian area known as RivoTorto.  There they lived; during the day they cared for lepers.  Some would work in the fields, and get paid in food and drink.  They spent their evenings in prayer, and being taught by Francis.  It was the Order’s first novitiate.  One day, a farmer pushed his donkey into the hut, and pushed the brothers out, into the wider world.

The Birds (A Different Take)

Friday Fictioneers grey-day-with-pigeons-roger-bultot (1)

He slowly gets out of bed; not wanting to face the coming day.  Looking out of his window, he sees the outside reflecting his mood.  He notices the birds, sitting on the wire, huddled together against the damp.  Suddenly, they all take flight; they appear to be heading for his building!  The birds wheel about and head downward.  It is then, that he notices the little man, dressed in a brown robe.  The birds land all around the little man.  He blesses them, and they all take off; filling the air with their birdsong.  Staring out his window, he smiles.