Give a Hearing to the Poor

“My child, do not mock the life of the poor; do not keep needy eyes waiting.

Give a hearing to the poor, and return their greeting with deference; Deliver the oppressed from their oppressors; right judgment should not be repugnant to you. Be like a father to orphans, and take the place of a husband to widows. Then God will call you his child, and he will be merciful to you and deliver you from the pit.” Book of Sirach 4: 1, 8-10

Came across this Scripture passage in a prayer book I have. It seems appropriate for our present times. With high inflation, just about everyone is feeling the pinch when it comes to purchasing the necessities of life. But we cannot forget, that the poor, the homeless, and the refugee feels it more deeply.

So we are called to dig deeper into our pockets. And not just our own pockets, but our communities pockets. Find the resources needed, to help all of our brothers and sisters! And if we give with an open heart, God will be there for, to support us; to embrace in love.

Franciscans Feeding the Hungry

From the very beginnings of the Franciscan Order, concern for the poor and the outcast has been an important ministry of the Friars, the Poor Clares, and the Secular Franciscans.  And this remains true today; the Franciscans Friars of St. Francis Church on W 31st St. in Manhattan, NYC, have provided food assistance for those who are homeless, and the poor who cannot leave their homes.

In 1930, duringSt Francis breadline Depression the depths of the Great Depression, the Franciscans started a breadline; distributing sandwiches and coffee to men who had no jobs, and no homesSt Francis breadline today.  The St. Francis Breadline continues today; every morning at 7:00 AM, the Friars and volunteers distribute sandwiches and fruit to the homeless.  They also give a listening ear, a handshake, and a hug to those individuals whom the rest of society has written off.

In recent times, the Friars have become aware of another group of individuals who need food assistance, those poor persons who may not have enough money to buy the food they need, and because of health issues cannot leave their homes to go to food pantries.  So they set up the program “Franciscans Deliver.”

Franciscans DeliverThey established a food pantry, and those in need contact them, and a grocery list is made up.  The Franciscans and volunteers fill the orders and deliver them to the individuals’ apartments.  Again, besides bringing groceries, the volunteers bring human contact, companionship; so that the shut-ins do not feel alone and abandoned.

There are many government and private programs that try to alleviate hunger in this country.  And they do serve many needy people.  But what I like about the Franciscan approach, is that they are not just addressing a physical hunger, but a social and spiritual hunger as well.