Bus Trip Home, and Then Some! – Friday Fictioneers


She came to LA with dreams.  She is returning home on a bus, with broken dreams, and a baby.  The baby becomes very fussy; passengers getting annoyed.  At one stop, a brown robed friar, straight from central casting, takes the seat next to her.  He offers to hold the child, she accepts.  He sings Italian lullabies to the baby.  Entering Frisco, he hands the child back to her, looks into her eyes, and whispers: “Pace e Bene!”  Squeal of brakes makes her look forward; turning back, he has disappeared!  The bus quickly passes a church, she glimpses a familiar statue.


Photo by Ron Pruitt

Pace e Bene! – Friday Fictioneers

Photo prompt

The mother is wracked with fear!  Her child has a high fever.  The physicians cannot cure him.  In desperation, her husband seeks the holy man from Assisi.  She hears a knock on the door; she flings it open!  There is only a small barefoot man, dressed in a patched brown robe, with a cord around his waist.  He begs for alms; she almost slams the door!  But she stops, there is something about him.  She gives him some bread and fruit.  He touches her arm; “Pace e Bene!” he whispers and leaves.  She hears her child’s voice!

The above is a response to a challenge, that I found on The WRITE Place, and from Friday Fictioneers!