Weekend Coffee Share – 8/6/2017

Here is a cup of coffee, fresh from the Keurig.  This weekend my wife, Peg, and I are at her parent’s home on Cape Cod.  The trip down was a little wet; but it dried up when we crossed the Cape Cod Canal over the Bourne Bridge.  The weather today was cool and sunny.  

August is the month my wife’s siblings and their families gather for  a get together.  It is a time to re-establish contacts with each other.  

For me, it is also time for a bit of retreat; to catch up on my reading and to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Cape.

Over a cup of coffee, I would share that I am currently reading a book by Krista Tippett, host of the public radio program, “On Being,” entitled “Speaking of Faith;” which was the original name of the program.  In the book, she shares how she came to rediscover the importance of spirituality in human life, and in her life especially.  She shares some of the insights she has received through her interviews with people of all walks of life and faiths.  I hope to share insights I have received in future postings.  

Over a cup of coffee, I would share that I intend to read more books during the rest of this year. I have entered a reading challenge on my Goodreads site for 2017.  I have aimed low, intending to read 8 books between now and the end of the year.  Hopefully, I will have exceeded that goal when New Year’s Eve 2018 comes around.

Over a cup of coffee, I would share that I am still looking for a  new deacon assignment.  It feels different participating in the Mass as a member of the congregation, and not at the altar.  And actually, that is not a bad thing.  Hopefully, by the end of next month, there will be a change in the situation.
Well, the cup is empty and in the dishwasher rack.  Until the next time; blessings and all good.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 8/6/2017

  1. I’ve been using Goodreads for awhile, and I really love it. Namely because I’ll hear of a good book, and I can add it to my “want to read” pile and find it later. I’ve been reading Gene Wolfe’s “Book of the New Sun,” which is unexpectedly Catholic in a strange way.


  2. Thank you. When your coffee sharing comes, by faith I always absorb and relax while reading your blog. A season of reading. Being able to pray and ‘choose’ carefully what is good and beneficial will nurture and bless your soul and your life. The ministry opportunities will open once more I feel certain. Today I have been considerably blessed by an e-mail which came to me from International Prayer News. It is an All American news bulletin and for the first time it has been produced and seems to indicate a very positive turning point in America’s journey back to more conservative Christian values. Praise God for what it contains particularly in the Light of pro-life issues, desperate needs of Christian immigrants being addressed and the bill introduced to say ‘sex and gender are not open to interpretation. Jesus is the Hope for our future, Him ALONE.’ May you continue to find beauty and the richness of all that is good in your life.


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