A Poll: Time to Hear From You!

Opinon PollSo I have published 53 posts since I started this blog on WordPress in November, 2014.  I have taken some courses through WordPress’ Blogging University.  I have tried to change my writing style, and the format of this blog.  It is now time to face the music and start asking for some serious feedback.  So, dear reader, please favor me with taking the following poll; there are multiple questions.  Thank you for your time!

4 thoughts on “A Poll: Time to Hear From You!

  1. I don’t know what your site was like before the 101 WordPress so I can only comment on recent posts Because of limited internet time (we have a satellite dish on our roof) I have only short time each day for on-line reading. I find your posts both interesting and informative. I prefer if they are not too long. Something which stimulates and helps followers to perhaps understand more clearly about you as a person and more particularly about the God who called you into the journey of life you are currently undertaking certainly for me is very inspirational. Info about the journeys of other Franciscans is also inspiring. Thank you.(I personally have a website where the fullness of my own spirituality and discovery of God is expressed. Sacredmusings. The blogging site somehow has become a simple daily expression of encouragement to others. A simple note as the inspiration of God flows. Bless you! Please keep writing. The format is beautiful.


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