Beverly Catholic Kid’s First Communion !

 Today was a big day for some of Beverly’s Catholic children.  For the first time, they received the Eucharistic Body of Christ, through Holy Communion.  The boys looked smart in their dark blue suits and grey pants.  The girls were very pretty in their white dresses and veils.

I assisted as Deacon at the celebration of Mass, and for me, the most moving moments during the Mass, is at the moment of consecration, when the bread and wine becomes the Body and Blood of the Christ!  Then comes the moment, when Father lifts up the Host, and I raise the Chalice, and the people say in one voice, “Amen!”

Then came the time for Communion.  The Pastor gave communion to each child first, then invited everyone else to come forward.   Mothers and fathers , family and friends came up, and to each I held up the Host, and said “The Body of Christ!”  To which they respond with an affirming “Amen!”  And they receive The Lord!

After Mass came the picture taking; with digital cameras and smartphones, parents and can now take unlimited number of shots.  The poor pastor finally had to say “Time!”  It was a joyous time for all!

2 thoughts on “Beverly Catholic Kid’s First Communion !

  1. No disrespect forthcoming in this comment, Father. Your name caught my eye for two reasons: I am an avid NFL Fan; and Deacon Jones was one of my favorite players. He invented a form of “rushing the passer,” and he probably holds the “All time Sacks (of the Quarterback)” but they did not keep records back in the day.

    Secondly, my grandson’s name is Jonathon Jones.

    So, you see, Father why I had to make contact. I live here, should you have a mind, or a moment to visit. I noted your post to Matt, the BookSeller taking a hiatus to complete his exams.

    Thanks for listening.


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