A Very Different Way of Outreach!

From Catholic News Agency.

From Catholic News Agency.

There have been many polls that indicate that there are many Catholics, both in the United States and other countries, who have fallen away from regular Church attendance, and receiving the Sacraments.  Many dioceses are trying to figure out ways of bringing people back; how to engage with them.  The Catholic News Agency has reported on one very imaginative approach.  At a shopping mall in Bogata, Columbia, 350 priests participated in a “Confess-a-Thon,” that ran from October 6th to the 7th.  The priests set up Confession stations throughout the mall, and anyone who wished, could receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Many took advantage of the opportunity.  Other individuals took the opportunity to just be able to talk to a priest.  Think of how many persons were touched by these priests, who were willing to think, and act outside the “box!”

2 thoughts on “A Very Different Way of Outreach!

  1. At church, I have heard of the concept of thinking outside the box for bringing people to back to the church. I do like what they did in Columbia, I think that it really did help those in need. Hopefully, some of them come to the church.


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