Coffee Share – Week of 11/27/2016

Over a cup of coffee, I would share that I am typing this on my IPhone.  We just had the our carpet washed, and I am nervous about having the laptop power cord laying on it. I am still trying to get my thumbs trained.

Over a cup of coffee, I would share with you my reactions to this post election period.  Again, I have been through many post presidential elections periods; never have I been through one like we currently are.  I am still trying to be open and giving this coming administration a chance; but the actions of the President-elect is not making it easy.  And now the other side is engaging in the very actions they accused the Trump campaign of trying to do; delegitimize the election.

Over a cup of coffee, I want to share something a fellow deacon, who is a theologian and author, Deacon William Ditewig.  On his blog  He suggests we take the following actions:

  • We must be active agents of peace and reconciliation.
  • We must move beyond categories of ‘winners’ and ‘losers.’
  • We can offer opportunities for listening and dialogue with the view towards reconciliation.
  • How might we all become even more involved in the local political scene…We all have a responsibility to do something and not just complain about things.

Finally, he suggests, and I concur, that no matter if we are Democrats or Republicans; liberals or conservatives;  we come together, when we gather around the Eucharistic Table.  We need to remember that in Christ, we are all brothers and sisters, we are all one.

Well, the cup’s empty, see you soon over a cup of coffee.

One thought on “Coffee Share – Week of 11/27/2016

  1. Thank you again for the coffee. Indeed around the table of remembrance we truly do become one. But, I believe it must go even further than that. The Government and authority we MUST live UNDER is Christ’s. We are by circumstances in different countries and under different political systems and human authorities. God allows and God takes down people and governments and indeed what is happening in the middle East is a graphic illustration about what God is ‘allowing’ to fulfill His Kingdom Purposes. I really don’t understand why so many normally balanced people are getting so ‘out of kilter’ over a human orchestrated election of very imperfect people. Look up! What is God viewing from a heavenly perspective. How is HE viewing His World. What is HE going to allow and DO with America. What is HE going to allow and DO with Australia….indeed every Nation on earth. One Day and scriptures says this so clearly He will come to judge the Nations. Which ones will HE condemn. Prayer is vitally needed now for leaders and all nations that they indeed return to more Godly Perspectives on ALL THINGS.


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